Henderson Corporate

Henderson International Group

HENDERSON INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a world leader in the provision of Survey, Marine Consultancy, Engineering Design, Yacht Design and Engineering, and Business Consultancy to the offshore and shipping industry.

Operations started in 1985 in Dubai and now extends to provide worldwide operations. The GROUP maintains its position at the forefront of the Survey, Marine Consultancy, Yachts, Engineering Design, Naval Architecture and Business Consultancy fields for Vessels, Offshore industries and our many Marine and Business Clients.

HENDERSON INTERNATIONAL LTD is the UAE based centre of operations for the Group and is backed by the technical and financial resources necessary to develop and apply new technologies as they come onto the Market.

Management Team

Spyros Sokaris, Managing Director of Henderson International For more than 5 years is leading the company to reach its maximum potential

A Great Captain and the Yacht Division's Manager has 7 years of experience and leads the division to great heights

A dedicated and results-driven senior manager with a highly-successful background in the achievement of profitable business growth

EDNA Department

Lead naval architect at EDNA division, Irshad has worked on many vessel design projects for Indian coastguard

Senior mechanical draftsman at EDNA, Mr. Jaffer Ahmed has 49 years of experience

Marine Surveyor and piping engineer, Jensen has 6 years of experience in marine survey

Baghyarajan M is a Pursuing-BS graduate from Birla Institute of Science and Technology

Survey Department

Marine surveyor at Henderson International, Vijay has 5 years of sea service as a 3rd Engineer

A Cargo Surveyor, coming from a background of tanker operations and working on ULCC, VLCC, Crude Oil and Chemical alongside LNG & LPG

Sales and Marketing/Administration Departments

Daniil graduated from Middlesex University, Dubai Campus, in Journalism and Communication during 2014

Anne has been working with Henderson International for 20 years and more details to come

Jimmy Culalic, has been working for Henderson International for a 10 years and more details to come