Maritime Science

25Jan 2015

In the 21st century there is a constant requirement for power and ships no exception, warranting serious consequences which may arise; including different injuries to crew, damage to vessel and even collision, rare but possible. Firstly, marine engineers should be more aware and more knowledgeable about the auxiliary engine in terms of performance alongside permanent […]

05Jan 2015

Modern ships consist of several complex components and sub-components which are held together by varied methods; with each method coming from their side effects on man hours in hull production and outfitting. However, due to heat distortion significant impact on nonproductive/nonmanufacturing operations such as straightening and fitting. Aside from that, the operations can also interfere […]

30Dec 2014

Naval architects have been busy with vessel conversions due to requirement of eco-friendly shipping; designing new means of doing so with special attention to use of electronics or other means of bypassing requirements of traditional fuels with potentially harmful emissions and higher operating costs. Starting from the engine, the part that requires and undergoes the most […]

24Dec 2014

The availability of drinking water is a constant issue in the work environment, especially seafaring where it is occasionally compromised therefore leading to negative results such as illness. However, sometimes the supply is not the issue and instead the issue is its maintenance and means of distribution across the ship or port ecosystem; presenting our […]

21Dec 2014

A ship’s propeller is an important moving part whose efficiency determines its speed and meeting of deadlines and maintenance of schedules. Whether its by flawed design or by over-use, propellers suffer from certain problems which affect the marine operations negatively. Firstly, the common propeller problems should be mentioned since knowing more about them  is essential […]

26Nov 2014

The Ebola outbreak did serious damage on the global maritime landscape where many seafarers had suffered due to this outbreak. However, Ebola is not the only dangerous disease at sea therefore it is worth discussing other infections which are equally as dangerous as Ebola. Dilipan Thomas of (2014) has written about the 7 dangerous […]

09Nov 2014

The maritime sphere embraces modern technology at a fast pace where new technology never before used here makes appearances and shifts the landscape of the industry. Before, we discussed robotics and its potential uses in the maritime industry; opening new innovations to aspects such as rescue and salvage operations. However, the topic here is Internet […]

29Oct 2014

So with the largest maritime project in recent memory being in full force and therefore attracting more and more specialists in different fields; including dredging. The dredging specialists here are Great Lakes Dredge and Dock corporation (GLDD)  who signed a contract of $540 million. The contract involves the widening and deepening to 79 feet of […]