Maritime Ecology

12Jan 2015

Ballast fluid is used to maintain a ship’s stability during voyage, especially when cargo is absent from the hold. Ballasting and de-ballasting operations are fairly common, mostly in ports, cargo transfers and ballast exchanges. Ship stability is therefore, at stake here as the ship’s weight changes at a relatively fast rate and thus may result […]

24Dec 2014

The availability of drinking water is a constant issue in the work environment, especially seafaring where it is occasionally compromised therefore leading to negative results such as illness. However, sometimes the supply is not the issue and instead the issue is its maintenance and means of distribution across the ship or port ecosystem; presenting our […]

11Nov 2014

The maritime industry is full of professionals who are experts in their own fields. However, upon encountering another aspect of the industry when attending to some operations it is important to note that experts know more about their own profession therefore less about aspects not in relation to them. Therefore, leaving a conclusion that working […]

29Oct 2014

So with the largest maritime project in recent memory being in full force and therefore attracting more and more specialists in different fields; including dredging. The dredging specialists here are Great Lakes Dredge and Dock corporation (GLDD)  who signed a contract of $540 million. The contract involves the widening and deepening to 79 feet of […]

20Oct 2014

The maritime industry is a mixture of numerous different spheres along with the transport of dangerous goods therefore, bringing the related issues into the equation. Safety, thus becomes a priority as even a minor error within operations can result in massive and occasionally irreversible damage to the ship and environment. So what qualifies as “dangerous […]

16Oct 2014

Companies and private individuals are a common target for cyber-criminals and terrorists where a variety of acts such as identity theft, hacking and even ransomware attacks where the entire system is encrypted and the owner is forced to pay ransom for de-cryption. However, this happens not only on land but also in maritime as it […]

28Sep 2014

September 24th 2014 marks the start of a collaboration between 2x enterprises; Minesto and Atlantis, to complete a sustainable maritime initiative; creating a new tidal turbine. The project received 750,000 EUR in funding from Eurostars; a program that supports research-based small+medium enterprises who develop innovations and services with a total budget of 1.14 billion EUR. […]

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