11Sep 2014

Globalisation is vital for international business and for development of industries like maritime; however, after researching deeper it is discovered that it is a problem for maritime industries for varied reasons. Firstly, globalisation closely relates to territorial disputes as different parties enter foreign territories and thus bring about conflict situation where interests of local population […]

13Aug 2014

  Ebola is the latest viral hazard that is a threat to many aspects of life in the modern world; including sectors that exist on globalisation and international travel. This virus, currently, has no cure and thus is a bigger threat as more people die from exposure which warrants a more in-depth analysis on the […]

21Jul 2014

  Ballast water is essential for effective operation of a vessel; however it also contributes to life and invasion of alien species present only in ballast water that invades marine ecology and displaces native organisms. Alien species enter ballast water through a barrier that directs water into flood-able holds or ballast tanks; small organisms/alien species […]